Vieux Carré Digital Survey

Connecting people with New Orleans’ History

The Historic New Orleans Collection asked NolaFlash to bring their Access database of property records and images of the Vieux Carré to life as a mySQL database. The Collins C. Diboll Vieux Carré Digital Survey is an electronic version of the Vieux Carré Survey, housed at The Historic New Orleans Collection since 1966. Created to bolster local historic preservation efforts, the survey is an extensive study of the properties within the French Quarter referencing essential historical, architectural, legal and sociological data on individual lots and structures from the French colonial period to the present. We are very proud to have assisted THNOC in bring this amazing history to the public!

NolaFlash created these tools in partnership with THNOC staff who had been working for years creating an Access database indexing 300 years of deeds, transaction records, media citations, and drawings, etchings, daguerreotypes, and photographs.  We helped them to bring zoomable gorgeous maps and images of properties spanning 300 plus years all with the simplicity of searching an address.

Imagine being able to see your front door in 1834!


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